5 Tips for Growing a Winter Beard


The winter is upon us, which means your delicate facial skin is looking for a little extra coverage against the cold winter wind and icy precipitation that whips past you every morning on your way to work. It’s no secret that winter is the most trying time of the year, with harsh conditions and little sunlight. You’re probably looking for a mood booster – something to look forward to.

For those of you who grow a seasonal beard, or those of you who may be just trying it for the first time, a winter beard will undoubtedly improve your holiday season. You’ll be warmer, cozier, protected from windburns and UV rays, and more desirable with the ladies waiting for you under the mistletoe.

However, though winter and beards go together like peanut butter and jelly, winter is actually the hardest time of the year to grow and maintain a shiny and glorious beard. From wind rash, to dried-out skin as a result of the blasting heat, your beard will dry out and lack in luster throughout the wintertime.

But… not if you do something about it!

Here are 5 tips for growing a magnificent winter beard:

1. Grow It First:
“Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.” We get it, no one likes that early beard shaping “awkward” phase where the length and styling just don’t add up. However, you have to look past that and realize you need a lot of beard to work with for styling a truly full and properly shaped winter beard. Starting now, let it grow.

2. Cold Water:
This is probably the last thing you want to hear this time of year, but hot water actually strips hair of natural oils and moisture. If it’s possible, try and turn down the temperature of your shower when you hop in. Your beard will look more vibrant as a result.

3. Nighttime Moisturizing:
Applying beard balm overnight is absolutely essential during the winter. Your beard and skin, through exposure to the heat overnight, will dry out immensely if you don’t preemptively protect it with some beard balm. By morning, you’ll be refreshed and your beard will be rejuvenated.

4. Put Down The Shampoo:
Yes, you still need to shampoo your beard in the winter – let’s not get carried away here. However, you need to cut back on how often you wash your beard. Try and do so two times per week as washing dries out your beard and strips it of its natural oily properties.

5. Daily Treatment:
Having a beard in the winter is high maintenance. But, we bet you’re up for the challenge. You need to tend to your beard with beard oil at least once per day to defend it against the harsh winter elements. Just like putting a hat on your head to protect your scalp and ears, your beard needs a little help, too.

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