5 Signs Your Skin & Beard Need Rejuvenation

The times when women were the only consumer group dedicated to quality skincare are over. Research shows that men now spend as much of their disposable income on skincare as women. In part, this is probably due to the raising awareness of the importance of grooming for both sexes, but it would be safe to assume that ever since the beard trend took off and is constantly gaining momentum, men are becoming aware that flawless skin and a great-looking beard won’t just appear from thin air. Now, you may not have yet noticed that your skin is in dire need of some pampering and rejuvenation, so we’re here today to shed some light on the matter. Read on carefully, look in the mirror, feel your skin and if you find any of these signs, don’t wait before jumping on the grooming-supreme train.

Everything has a name

Many beard lovers and avid growers and even neophytes are somewhat familiar with the fairly painful issue that goes by the catchy name of the barber’s itch. Don’t let the whimsical name throw you off, because as harmless as it seems, not only can it cause quite an amount of pain but it can actually have you end up at the dermatologist’s office if you don’t deal with it in good time. In most cases, the condition is caused by friction between the stubble and bare skin, and aside from proper hygiene, you absolutely need to give your beard a break every now and then. So, even if sometimes the hair grows too high up on the cheek, resort to an electric beard trimmer instead of constantly irritating your skin with the razor.

When you’re a newbie

Most men who haven’t been rocking the beard for a very long time have this notion that you just need to let it grow, and trim it every once in a while so it doesn’t lose shape and form. Growing a beard makes a man even more handsome, manly and rugged, but there is more to a beard than just not shaving. You need to have all the proper styling tools, such as combs and brushes, beard pomades, soaps and conditioners – so the hairs are soft and the skin doesn’t get all dry and flaky. Just like all hair, beard hair also needs special attention to fight the dryness and pollution, which is exactly why it’s essential to invest in and use rejuvenating beard oil on a regular basis. Organic oils are the absolute best as they are unlikely to cause irritation, are natural and suitable for all skin types.

Noticing the patches

If you look in the mirror and notice discoloration and an uneven skin tone, chances are you are facing a skin condition known as pigmentation, which may be caused by inflammation and UV exposure that cause the cells to produce more pigment to protect themselves. There might not be a cream or toner that can solve an issue like this, but luckily, there are amazing pigmentation removal treatments that can liberate you from the condition. There is no exact ‘healing time’ but avoiding direct sunlight before and

a few weeks after the treatment is mandatory. Still, given that a simple and painless treatment will give you fresh even-toned skin is worth hiding from the sun for a bit.

The pesky ones

There is a skin condition that affects both adult men and women, but particularly men who grow beards. It often catches us by surprise since we tend to have this notion that after puberty we’ll be in the acne-free zone. However, adult acne are fairly common, and not that difficult to deal with. Still, you should know that ingrown hairs are often to blame for the appearance of acne, particularly if you’re transitioning from a close-shaved to a bearded look. Pollutants are also to be taken into account, as the beard attracts dust and bacteria from the outside, triggering inflammation and acne flare-ups. In this case, it is best to determine your skin type, either at a local pharmacy that offers those services or at your dermatologist’s office and stick with a skincare regimen designated for you. You should use a cleanser daily, and never ever forget to moisturize. Great skincare and a gentle but effective approach are the key to blemish-free skin.

Last but not least

Again, women are far more familiar with this quick and easy skin rejuvenating practice than most men. You may notice dry flakes and even something resembling skin dandruff on your bare and also the skin under your beard. This is because skin, the body’s largest organ, constantly sloughs off dead cells. This gives way to new, living cells that move up from the lower layers. This continual renewal keeps the skin looking younger and smoother, making you, in turn, more dashing and squeaky clean-looking. However,

in order for you to get to the smooth and younger-looking skin, you need to exfoliate three times a week. You can either purchase a gentle exfoliator or make one on your own, but make this a regular thing, form a habit, and you’ll see how much fresher and rejuvenated your skin will be, especially over time.

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Written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a men’s health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag from UK. Beside writing he worked as a men’s grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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